Do's and Dont's in Amsterdam

If you are interested in taking a trip to the party capital of Europe i.e. Amsterdam, here is a quick list of some of the things to do and some of the things to avoid in Amsterdam. The city is one of the most tolerant and liberal city in the world, however there are some things one should do in Amsterdam and some things one must avoid.

  • People in Amsterdam are very friendly greeting each other is a custom, do greet people whenever you enter cafes, shops etc

  • The best way to explore the bike capital of world is off course bike so do rent a bike and ride around the city but don't walk on bike lanes.

  • When you are strolling or cycling, be careful of the trams.

  • The city homes 165 + canals and 1280 bridges and is known as the Venice of north. So don't forget to a night cruise and see the world go by from water.

  • For students hostels are one of the most affordable places to live in, Amsterdam has many youth hostels ideal and cheap way of accommodation.

  • Don't forget to enjoy the free pleasantries like Free Exhibitions, free concerts, free museums', and Free ferry ride at north side of Amsterdam Central Station that Amsterdam always have to offer.

  • For Bachelors Amsterdam had plenty of stag bars, the city is full of hot party spots ideal for your bachelor parties. So don't forget to have your bachelor's party.

  • One can enjoy soft drugs in Amsterdam but don't buy drugs on the streets, on streets they will be of poor quality. Carry them only according to the allowed quantity and don't carry any illegal drugs. One can find soft drugs like Marijuana in most of the coffeehouses.

  • Except summer, don't forget to take warm clothes as the city is right on the North sea and is freezing in winter.

  • Don't urine on road else you will have to pay a fine of 38 Euros.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 May 2012 08:44